The Secret Life of the Ballroom - Netflix

The Secret Life of the Ballroom follows 10 ordinary people's lives, charting the pressures of preparing to embark in competitive dancing for the very first time. Over three months, office workers, full-time parents, long-term couples and platonic friends all juggle their regular lives with a demanding regime of dance training to master six classic routines. Can practice really make perfect and how will they cope in their efforts to taste sweet success?

The Secret Life of the Ballroom - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-09-17

The Secret Life of the Ballroom - Rivoli Ballroom - Netflix

The Rivoli Ballroom is the only intact 1950s ballroom remaining in London, England. It is famed for its original decor and interior fittings (red velvet, flock wallpaper, chandeliers, glitter balls and oversized Chinese lanterns) and is often used as a film location and plays host to many dance and musical events.

The Secret Life of the Ballroom - Interior - Netflix

The ballroom comprises an eclectic mix of neo-classical, Deco and oriental motifs set within an exotic and luxuriant decorative scheme mainly dating from the 1950s. The main auditorium ceiling survives from the earlier cinema. From the off-street entrance steps a small foyer is reached featuring a raked floor and Deco-style marquetry panelling. The main motif is a geometric composition of intersecting curves in a shape with broad segmental top, tapering centre and curved base. The design is accentuated through the use of dark wood inlay and a diamond shape in the centre is picked out in glass or mirror. Although 1920s in inspiration, it is characteristic of the 1950s fashion for reviving the Deco aesthetic that had been unwillingly abandoned with the onset of WWII. The foyer leads directly into the ballroom, a large auditorium with a shallow barrel-vaulted ceiling, complete with raised viewing dais, stage, proscenium, fixed banquettes and a sprung maple dance floor. The decorative scheme is kitsch and flamboyant, the effect created through red velour padded walls with gilt picture-frame style panels and decorated pilasters, scallop-shaped lights, a red velour pelmet, French chandeliers and Chinese lanterns. Either side of the ballroom are two bars, running the length of the hall, one dating 1958 and the other of 1960. The right hand bar of 1958 features booths and tables with leather upholstery arranged similar to a railway-carriage. The bar at the end of the room has a tiled front of Arabesque interlaced patterns. Lighting is provided by exotic saucer-shaped lamps decorated with a mixture of Georgian and oriental patterns. The panelling motif established in the foyer is continued on various doors, to the ladies powder room and the gentleman's cloakroom for example, and there is also signage throughout the building some of which, to the 'Buffet' for example, appears to be contemporary with the late 1950s refurbishment. There is a second function room, dating from the late twentieth century, with a neo-classical decorative scheme with gilded Corinthian capitals, a modillion cornice and Adam-esque garlands along the beams which support a ceiling adorned with photographs of Old Master paintings; this room is not of special interest.

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