The Next Boy/Girl Band - Netflix

A new talentshow from SBS 6, which is going to look for a new girl- or boyband in the Netherlands. Together with a team of professionals, they will be training to be ready as stars. The winner will be decided by successes, will it be the boys or girls?

The Next Boy/Girl Band - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 120 minutes

Premier: 2016-08-26

The Next Boy/Girl Band - Making the Band - Netflix

Making the Band was an ABC/MTV reality television series that exists in separate iterations, each iteration focusing on a specific music act. It spawned musical acts O-Town, Da Band, Danity Kane, Day26, and Donnie Klang. Except for the first iteration of the series featuring O-Town, all seasons of Making the Band have been overseen by Diddy, acting as the man of the house who makes the final decision on who will be in the band.

The Next Boy/Girl Band - Diddy's Call-Out - Netflix

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The Next Boy/Girl Band - References - Netflix