The Moorside - Netflix

Following the disappearance of nine year-old Shannon Matthews from The Moorside Estate in Dewsbury, the police and community mount a frantic search. Despite their efforts, no trace of her can be found and within a few hours the police investigation takes on the scale of a murder enquiry.

Emotional public appeals for information from her mother Karen Matthews amount to nothing, and the community, led by Julie Bushby, stand by her and make extraordinary efforts of their own to find Shannon.

Despite the support, doubts are beginning to creep in for some regarding Karen's behaviour. Friend and neighbour Natalie struggles with her conscience as she becomes convinced that Karen knows more than she is revealing.

Just as all hope is close to fading, Shannon is found alive. The wild celebrations of Julie and the community are rapidly cut short when they learn that Shannon was being held by a man known to Karen.

The Moorside - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-02-07

The Moorside - Moorside Nuclear Power Station - Netflix

Moorside Nuclear Power Station is proposed for a site near Sellafield, in Cumbria, United Kingdom. The original plan by NuGeneration, which is the British subsidiary of Toshiba-owned Westinghouse Electric Company, had the station coming online from 2024 with 3.4GW of new nuclear capacity, from 3 AP1000 reactors. Work up to 2018 would include acquiring the site licence, the development consent order, and other required permits and permissions to start work. Site preparation would take two years, up to 2020. Following the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of Westinghouse in March 2017, the project was put under review. In December 2017, Kepco was named as preferred bidder. Kepco are thought to prefer their own APR-1400 reactor design for the site, a design which has not yet gone through generic design assessment with the UK's Office for Nuclear Regulation.

The Moorside - Opposition - Netflix

The proposal to build the station is opposed by Radiation Free Lakeland, a group of local activists. A report evaluating the AP1000 reactor design was written by the Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy, commissioned by Radiation Free Lakeland. The report criticizes the design, saying that "The AP1000 reactor design is not fit for purpose and so should be refused a Design Acceptance Confirmation (DAC) and Statement of Design Acceptability (SDA)″.

The Moorside - References - Netflix