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For many years, we wanted to create a syndicated television program that would smoothly integrate the content we produce for our clients into a show that people would actually watch, especially in top markets, including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. It turned out we didn't have to create one. The show already existed – or did – and we only had to bring it back to life. For 13 years, The Daily Buzz built a substantial television audience of youthful viewers by presenting intriguing news, celebrity gossip, and consumer news-you-can-use in a fast-paced, fun, entertaining one-hour format. The Daily Buzzwas always friendly to PR pros who wanted to integrate their clients' stories into the show. But unlike other programs, it was done with an eye on maintaining high quality production values. The result was attractive to the audience and also to PR pros. After encountering financial difficulties a couple of years ago, the Daily Buzz was cancelled. But the show was so good, we investigated how it might be re-launched. We were lucky. Not only have we brought back the Daily Buzz's creative team, the original anchors are on board and we'll be producing the show on its original Orlando, Florida set.

The new now renamed Buzz will begin airing June 18 on POP-TV, formerly the TV Guide channel, in every major U.S. market between 6:00 and 7:00 AM. Owned by CBS Corporation and Lionsgate Media, POP is one of the fastest-growing networks in television. POP has expanded its distribution on traditional cable and over-the-top platforms and drove double digit growth in viewership among adults ages 18-49 (+21%) and women 25-54 (+13%), according to Nielsen. Initially, the show will be weekly, however, we will be posting daily news and updates on The Daily Buzz's social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (thedailybuzztv). With an audience of more than 50,000 fans on Facebook and nearly 10,000 Twitter followers, the Buzz will rely on its online community for daily engagement. Portions of the show as well as full recordings of the episodes will get hosted on YouTube.

The Daily Buzz - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2002-09-16

The Daily Buzz - The Daily Buzz - Netflix

The Daily Buzz (occasionally abbreviated “theDBZ”) is a nationally syndicated news and infotainment program. The show premiered as a 3-hour weekday breakfast television show on September 16, 2002, initially airing on 10 stations owned and operated by the show's founding owner, ACME Communications. By the time of its April 17, 2015 cancellation (the result of show owner Mojo Brands Media declaring bankruptcy), the show was distributed to stations in 149 U.S. television markets. Two years after leaving the air, Buzz would be revived as a weekly series in June 2017, after KEF Media acquired the show's trademark. Despite the fact the revival now broadcasts weekly, the show retains the Daily Buzz name. From its debut, The Daily Buzz has generally catered to a younger-skewing audience demographic, historically employing an informal atmosphere and a drive-time radio-style approach to presenting and discussing subjects in the realms of current events, lifestyle, entertainment, gossip, and pop culture, as well as celebrity interviews and paid publicity content. The approach set theDBZ apart, during its weekday run, from the traditional tone of network news programs, and would serve as an unofficial template for future national, syndicated, and local morning news shows. In its weekday run, The Daily Buzz initially aired live for three hours, (6:00–9:00 a.m. ET), eventually shortening to a two-hour time slot (5:00–7:00 a.m. ET) for its last years as a weekday program. Start and running times varied by market, with some stations airing the show as a whole or only one or two hours. For most of its time on air, The CW Plus and its predecessor, The WB 100+ Station Group, carried the show in most smaller markets. The Daily Buzz was also featured on the schedules of the Youtoo TV and Soul of the South networks; streamed live-to-air on the program's website, and uploaded daily to Hulu. When it was revived as a weekly series, Buzz was re-added to the Youtoo America and Soul of the South schedules, added to the schedule of cable network Pop, and offered to various local stations.

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