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The Big Food Rescue follows a new charity, as they try to make a dent in the 10 million tonnes of food thrown away in the UK every year.

Robin Aitken and David Cairns aim to stop edible food going to landfill and instead deliver it to charities and people that are in need. They use a business model that's worked for their organisation in Oxford - but can they make it work in London, a city 55 times the size?

The series also showcases inventive schemes from around the country aimed at reducing food waste.

The Big Food Rescue - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2016-11-28

The Big Food Rescue - Sufra - Netflix

Sufra (known more formally as Sufra NW London) is a community “Food Bank & Kitchen”, based in the London Borough of Brent. It aims to support families suffering food poverty in its neighborhood. Sufra was founded by Mohammed Mamdani; its name evokes an Arabic term meaning “Come to the table”. It was officially founded in April, 2013 when the London Borough of Brent's council funded the charity in Raphael's Estate, one of the poorest estates in that area. Sufra provides local people with food, basic necessities and toiletries. Since 2014, it has run “Food Academies”. It also became a local community centre aiming to bring the community together through the food academies including cooking lessons. The food bank expanded its services in 2017, with the launch of St. Raphael's Edible Garden, which addresses the causes and effects of poverty in the local community. The charity officially launched the project in March, 2017 and runs a “Growing Club” for four hours each mid-week and weekend.

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