The Adventures of Napkin Man - Netflix

Yannick Bisson stars as preschool teacher Mister Anthony, who draws a superhero named Napkin Man for his students (always drawn on a napkin, naturally). When his students come up against difficult feelings, Napkin Man comes to life in an animated world and helps them understand and manage their emotions.

The Adventures of Napkin Man helps children get in touch with their strong negative feelings. It gives them fun and effective strategies to calm down in the moment and then problem-solve ways to handle emotionally charged situations in the future. It also helps children recognize emotions in others and develop empathy, which plays a key role in their future social interactions and relationships.

The Adventures of Napkin Man - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 12 minutes

Premier: 2013-12-30

The Adventures of Napkin Man - CBC Kids - Netflix

CBC Kids is a Canadian children's block carried by CBC Television.

The Adventures of Napkin Man - Get Set For Life - Netflix

In 2000, CBC Playground was replaced with Get Set for Life, a block named after a partnership between non-profit parenting organization Invest in Kids, Canadian Living magazine and the CBC itself. This iteration had Alyson Court (of Big Comfy Couch fame) and Michael Clarke as hosts. GSFL saw the departure of Fred Penner's Place and Guess What?, whilst Skinnamarink TV, Mr. Dressup and Theodore Tugboat were limited to reruns.

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