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That's My Bush!, the live-action series from South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, offers a glimpse of life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as George W. makes his debut in his very own prime time television show. The challenge to the country's newest President is in balancing the volatile issues of the day with his equally demanding personal life in this parody of the classic sitcom genre.

That's My Bush! - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2001-04-04

That's My Bush! - That's My Bush! - Netflix

That's My Bush! was an American comedy television series that aired on Comedy Central from April 4 to May 23, 2001. The show was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, best known for creating South Park. Despite the political overtones, the show itself was a broad lampoon of American sitcoms, including lame jokes, a laugh track, and stock characters such as klutzy bimbo secretary Princess (Kristen Miller), know-it-all maid Maggie (Marcia Wallace), and supposedly helpful “wacky” next door neighbor Larry (John D'Aquino). The series was conceived in the wake of the 2000 presidential election, between Bush and Al Gore. Parker and Stone were sure that Gore would win the election, and tentatively titled the show Everybody Loves Al. However, due to the controversy regarding the election's outcome, the series was pushed back. Instead, the show was then plotted around Bush at the workplace. The show received positive reviews, with The New York Times commenting, “That's My Bush! is a satire of hero worship itself; it is the anti-West Wing and the first true post-Clinton comedy. [...] This politically astute criticism is embedded in so much hysterical humor that the series never seems weighty.”

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