Süsü, a sárkány - Netflix

Süsü, a sárkány - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Hungarian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1976-07-07

Süsü, a sárkány - Sárkány (mythology) - Netflix

A sárkány (“dragon”) is a legendary and mythical creature in the Hungarian folklore and mythology, which mostly appears in the form of a scaly, winged, reptilian beast, but in some cases it could be a mixture of other beings.

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Before the 18th century, dragons were part of the ancient Hungarian belief system. According to their oldest, universal function, dragons originally symbolized the unity of the material and spiritual world, and they had a transcendental meaning as they had the role of being the transmitter between two realms. Later, they got associated with natural phenomena, where were either the makers or the appeasers of the violent forces of nature. It could be stated that in most cases, they were bringers of rainstorms and tornados, as the Hungarian people believed that the rumble of the thunder was the roaring of battling dragons above the clouds, which crashed the clouds with their tails in the heat of the fight, and in consequence, flood was pouring over the Hungarian fields.

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