SOS: Survival of the Sexes - Netflix

Are men or women better in surviving the wilderness? For 21 consecutive days six men and six women have to fight elements of nature and each other to win that ultimate price and honour. Both teams are able to request support from one of our survivalexperts in case of emergencies, but support is not for free!

SOS: Survival of the Sexes - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Dutch

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-21

SOS: Survival of the Sexes - Alika Kinan - Netflix

Alika Kinan (born 24 June 1976 in Córdoba ) is an Argentina-born feminist and anti-trafficking activist. She began sex work at age 17, and worked in brothels in Ushuaia for a total of 5 years starting at age 20. She spent 11 years in a difficult marriage. After a police raid at the brothel where she was working in 2012, she turned against sex work and began advocating for its abolition. She attracted media attention in Argentina when she sued the managers of a brothel where she had worked for about 2 years and the city where the brothel was located. She became known worldwide when the U.S. Department of State gave her an award for her anti-trafficking activism.

SOS: Survival of the Sexes - Age of arrival at Ushuaia - Netflix

In at least two different interviews, Kinan has apparently said that she was eighteen years old when she arrived at Ushuaia. Another source said she was fifteen. She was reportedly born on June 24, 1976. She has said that she was thirty six when Sheik was raided in 2012, and in 2017 she said that she was forty one, both of which would be consistent with a 1976 birth date. Various sources state that she came to Ushuaia to work at Sheik in 1996. So she was either nineteen or twenty, and in either case closer to her twentieth birthday than her nineteenth.

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