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Sink or Swim is a BBC sitcom that aired on Thursday nights from 1980-1982.

Brothers Brian and Steve Webber attempts to strike out in business involves a soggy narrowboat and a dubious decision to ply the Thames-side tourist trade. Unfortunately, Steve is as loutish and lazy as Brian is charming and ambitious, and the latter finds both his enthusiasm and his relationship with idealistic girlfriend Sonia severely hampered by his brother's persistent presence.

Sink or Swim - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1980-12-04

Sink or Swim - Sink or Swim (TV series) - Netflix

Sink or Swim is a BBC TV sitcom from the 1980s with Peter Davison as the lead character Brian Webber. Brian Webber lives in a flat above a petrol station in London (in the last series he moved to Newcastle to attend university). He's trying hard to make his way in the world, thus far with limited success. His girlfriend, Sonia, is a very serious minded young woman who is passionate only about things like vegetarianism and ecology. When Brian's younger brother, Steve, arrives in London looking for somewhere to stay, his lazy, cynical, noisy “Northern lout” attitude disrupts Brian's already messy life. Like Only Fools and Horses, Sink or Swim was filmed in Bristol doubling for London. It ran for three series between 4 December 1980 and 14 October 1982 and was written by Alex Shearer, who later wrote the Nicholas Lyndhurst sitcom The Two of Us for LWT from 1986 to 1990. Production of the sitcom overlapped the first two years of Davison also starring as the Fifth Doctor in Doctor Who, which imposed constraints on the recording schedules.

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Peter Davison – Brian Webber Robert Glenister – Steve Webber Sara Corper – Sonia Amanda Orton – Sandra (series 1 & 2) Ron Pember – Mike Connor (series 1 & 2) Gillian Taylforth – Christine (series 2) Briony McRoberts – Charlotte (series 3) Russell Wootton – Douglas (series 3)

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