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Along his gastronomic journey through the idyllic waterways of Southern France, Rick Stein's French Odyssey explores French culinary tradition - perfect for aspiring cooks everywhere. Deliciously filmed, Rick's culinary tour on an ancient barge takes him via the Canal du Midi from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. His final destination is a little restaurant near Marseilles where he had the best seafood lunch imaginable. On his journey Rick samples regional foods from country stew in Castelsarrasin to the Montaine Noire hams of Castelnaudary. Further south he stops over in the Languedoc wine region and samples local delicacies before heading towards Marseilles via the Canal du Rhone.

Rick Stein's French Odyssey - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2005-08-17

Rick Stein's French Odyssey - Nymphea - Netflix

The Nymphea was built in 1921 to carry cargo along the canals of Europe and is a classic Dutch design with shallow draught. She presently serves as a hotel barge, one of around 60 that offer luxury cruises on the European waterways, mainly in France. The waterway authority Voies Navigables de France estimates that this branch of waterway tourism brings 60 million euros of revenue to the predominantly rural areas where they operate.

Rick Stein's French Odyssey - The barge today, a boutique hotel barge - Netflix

Nymphea currently has three double cabins allowing her to carry up to six passengers. She also has separate crew quarters which house the crew of three. The crew consists of the captain and pilot, chef, and tour guide.

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