Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji - Netflix

Three Australian computer game champs, Tyler, Marty, and Alison and one Fijian computer champ, Kirra are forced to swap their game consoles for real swords when they are thrown into a virtual pirate island world in Fiji. They face the dreaded Captain Blackheart and his dangerous, seductive new First Mate, Lily and a band of fierce pirates for a hoard of treasure stolen from an Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb by the legendary pirate ship, Neptune's Revenge, and its captain, Salty Ben. Tyler, Kirra, and Alison befriend a local Fijian tribe and its leader, Sol, who takes a liking to Kirra, while Marty preferes the pirate lifestyle, becoming Captain Blackheart's cabin boy at one stage. Marty's allegiance is constantly questioned whether he's on Blackheart's side or his brother Tyler's side, after Lily, leads a revolt and takes over Blackheart's ship. This is a problem for Marty, as Lily is crueller, more suspicious and far cleverer than Blackheart, who is more there for comedy than fast-paced action scenes.

Will Tyler, Kirra, and Alison find the three torn pieces of the treasure map and find their way home, or will the dreaded Captain Blackheart, Marty, Lily and the pirate crew find the Eye of Osiris, treasure of treasures, and live forever?

Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2007-02-12

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This is a list of known pirates, buccaneers, corsairs, privateers, river pirates, and others involved in piracy and piracy-related activities. This list includes both captains and prominent crew members. For a list of female pirates, see women in piracy. For pirates of fiction or myth, see list of fictional pirates.

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