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Hit the road with the hell-raising bikers who are born to be wild! Are they simply a brotherhood of bikers, from whom the public has nothing to fear, apart from the occasional bad apple? Or are they billion dollar crime organisations, involved in drugs, gun-running and murder? Or does the truth lie somewhere in between? The leather-jacketed, long-haired biker on the open road is a modern American icon. A symbol of freedom, and of rebellion, the image was immortalised and romanticised, in iconic movies like 'The Wild One' and 'Easy Rider'. But there has always been a dark side to this love affair.

Outlaw Bikers - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-03-07

Outlaw Bikers - Shedden massacre - Netflix

The Shedden massacre involved the gang-related killing of eight men, whose bodies were found in a field five kilometres north of Shedden, a small village in the Canadian province of Ontario, on April 8, 2006. Four vehicles, with the bodies inside, were first discovered by a farmer. The day after the bodies were discovered, five people, including one member of the Bandidos motorcycle gang, were arrested for the murders, and three more people were arrested in June 2006. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) said the killings were an isolated event and there were no fears for the safety of local residents. The name “Shedden massacre” is, in fact, a misnomer as the massacre took place at a farm outside of Iona Station and Shedden was just the hamlet closest to where the bodies were discovered in a farmer's field.

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Speaking about the massacre, Yves Lavigne, an expert on outlaw bikers in Canada, told The London Free Press in 2016 that: "Bikers are not the smartest people. Or wannabes...It's like the NHL. They expanded too fast and too much. Now they're just recruiting anyone. How can they call themselves a “motorcycle club” when some recruits don't even know how to ride a motorbike? You don't romanticize these people...These guys [the killers and the victims] were all rejects from other gangs. These guys were the class dummies. So the lesson in Shedden is: Don't try to be something you're not". Lavigne concluded that the Shedden massacre were amateurish killings of men of low intelligence perpetuated by men of low intelligence. The former Bandido Edward Winterhalder told Edwards in 2016: “It's meth logic. That's all that was. It was logical in (Kellestine's) mind because he was whacked out on methamphetamine.” As the result of the massacre with the Toronto chapter of the Bandidos all killed and the Winnipeg chapter all imprisoned was the end of the Bandidos in Canada, leaving the Hell's Angels as the dominant outlaw biker gang in Canada. Edwards stated: “In Ontario, you had the Hells Angels and the people the Hells Angels let exist. They either worked with you or they didn't care about you”.

“What struck me as bizarre was that most of the people who were murdered actually wanted out of the club, like these were murders for nothing. They couldn’t bring themselves to quit, too afraid to quit. Such a bizarre contradiction, between what some may think is a power struggle when in fact (the victims) wanted out...There were differences individually. But they were all drawn to a symbol, and a pretty absurd symbol -- (the Bandido was) a cartoon character stolen from a potato chip company. Like, you have a murder over that symbol? It’s just bizarre. Nothing more to it, no money changed hands in the murders, nobody made a penny. To have that level of violence fought for absolutely nothing, except being in the pecking order of people who wear a cartoon character on their back. Just bizarre...Some of (the victims) were pretty nice guys, and my feeling is that if they hadn’t gone to the farm that night, within five years they would have just wandered out of it again. I think most of the victims weren’t real bikers, and would have gone on to regular lives.”

In 2009, the journalist Timothy Appleby described Kellestine's farm at 32196 Aberdeen Line as a “spooky place” that: “From a few hundred metres away, the crime scene looks like any other Ontario rural property on a late fall afternoon: Rolling fields, a clutch of buildings, cows grazing in the distance. But up close...it feels decidedly more sinister”. Edwards stated in a 2010 interview:

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