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The Western Planet and the Eastern Planet. Once upon a time, the two sides were bound by the "Dragon Pulse" spanning the heavens. The civilization that once had prospered has now turned to a tale of dreams, as the inextinguishable flames of war tear the realm asunder. The two planets remain engulfed in endless battles. The return of the super technology known as "sacred treasures" could revolutionize the world order, but no one knows of them but one person—a "heretical girl." A girl from the Western Planet, Jeanne Kaguya d'Arc, saw heavenly visions of the birth of a "Star Messiah" who will save the world. She embarks on a journey to the Eastern Planet with Leonardo da Vinci, "the one who observes the world." They come across the heretic of the Eastern Planet and "the greatest fool of the day," Oda Nobunaga.

Nobunaga the Fool - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 24 minutes

Premier: 2014-01-06

Nobunaga the Fool - Mori Ranmaru - Netflix

Mori Ranmaru (森 蘭丸, 1565 – June 21, 1582), also known as Mori Naritoshi (森 成利), was the son of Mori Yoshinari, and had 5 brothers in total, from the province of Mino. He was a member of the Mori Clan, descendants of the Seiwa Genji.

Nobunaga the Fool - Biography - Netflix

From an early age, Ranmaru was an attendant to Oda Nobunaga. Recognized for his talent, loyalty, and unusual beauty, he was appointed to a responsible post. At Ōmi, he was given 500 koku, and after Takeda Katsuyori's death, he was awarded the 50,000 koku at Iwamura Castle. Ranmaru and his younger brothers perished defending Oda Nobunaga during the Honnō-ji Incident. Ranmaru's bravery and devotion is remembered throughout history, and especially during the Edo period because of his decision to commit seppuku and follow Nobunaga in death. Oda and Mori's lord-vassal relationship was thought to have followed the nanshoku tradition - an intimate relationship - and was widely admired in Japan for its strength. In nanshoku literature of the Edo period, it was widely understood that Oda and Mori had a sexual relationship that was commonly found in those times.

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