MyMusic - Netflix

MyMusic is a transmedia music production company that has returned to the web after a hiatus. The company is back and bigger than ever and have opened their doors to a film crew to document their day to day. Rather than referring to each other by name, the staff go by the varying music genres with which they associate.

MyMusic - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 6 minutes

Premier: 2012-04-15

MyMusic - Fine Brothers - Netflix

Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE) is an American media company, founded by brothers Benny Fine (born March 19, 1981) and Rafi Fine (born June 9, 1983), creators and media entrepreneurs. FBE is best known for their React video series, their several timed-spoiler series, narrative web series, as well as creating a “transmedia” sitcom on YouTube, MyMusic. The Fine Brothers have been creating content since 2004, and FBE has many large digital channels on YouTube (REACT, FBE, FBE2) and Facebook (FBE, FBE Shows, Do They Know It, What Would My Kid Do, and Reverse Ratings), has sold multiple television shows (React to That, Celebs React, Six Degrees of Everything, Emo Dad, and Sing It!), and released their first feature film in 2017 (F the Prom). The Fine Brothers channel has over 6.6 billion views and well over 17 million subscribers. Due to a controversy over an attempt to license and trademark the term “React”, as well as the names of their series, the Fine Brothers' channels lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers in early 2016. However, the Fine Brothers' channel regained their former subscriber numbers by May 2016.

MyMusic - React World controversy - Netflix

On January 26, 2016, the Fine Brothers announced that they would license and trademark their existing React series and let creators create their own react series. In particular, the Fine Bros applied to trademark, among other terms, the term “react”, which is used in the title of numerous other YouTube videos unrelated to the Fine Brothers' YouTube channel. The announcement was met with backlash from some of their viewers and fellow YouTube content creators, many of whom believed the Fine Brothers were attempting to prohibit the creation of reaction videos by people unaffiliated with their channel. In response, the brothers promised that they would “not be trying to take revenue from other types of reaction videos, and will not be copyright-striking.” However, other YouTubers reported copyright related takedowns of videos containing Fine Bros footage. There were also reports that another YouTube channel had produced “Seniors React” videos just prior to the Fine Brothers' “Elders React” series. The backlash led to a dramatic drop in subscribers, with upwards of 675,000 accounts collectively unsubscribing from the React and Fine Bros Entertainment channels in protest as of February 22, 2016. On February 1, the Fine Brothers stated they had rescinded all React trademarks and trademark applications, discontinued the React World program, and released all previous Content ID claims. In addition, the Fine Brothers removed their original React World announcement video, as well as their update video which addressed the initial backlash.

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