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Following a passionate Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) in the small town of Locust Grove, Georgia, this group holds benefits to raise and donate money to their kids' local elementary school. Run like a corporation, President Carla Stephens keeps a watchful eye on her fellow board members Shayzon Prince, Robin Dyke, Amber Bryant, LaShon Thompson, Amber Coulter and former member Shana Koorse. Despite their personalities, tantrums and outbursts, these ladies have their sights set high to raise and donate \$100,000. Through lavish fundraising events from a Black Tie Gala to a Pink Pajama party, these mothers must work together and adhere to the strict rules and high expectations of their demanding commander-in-chief.

Mother Funders - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-06-14

Mother Funders - Florence Owens Thompson - Netflix

Florence Owens Thompson (born Florence Leona Christie; September 1, 1903 – September 16, 1983) was the subject of Dorothea Lange's famous photo Migrant Mother (1936), an iconic image of the Great Depression. The Library of Congress titled the image: “Destitute pea pickers in California. Mother of seven children. Age thirty-two. Nipomo, California.”

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Persons in picture (left to right) are: Viola (Pete) in rocker, age 14; standing inside tent, Ruby, age 5; Katherine, age 4; seated on box, Florence, age 32, and infant Norma, age 1 year, being held by Florence. Viola has moved inside the tent. Katherine stands next to her mother. Florence is talking to Ruby, who is behind her mother. Florence is nursing Norma. Katherine has moved back from her mother. Ruby is still behind her mother. Left to right are Florence, Ruby and baby Norma. Florence stopped nursing Norma. Ruby is still next to her mother. This photograph was the one used by the newspapers the following day to report the story of the starving migrants.

Lange took six photos that day, the last being the famous Migrant Mother. These are the other five photos:

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