Monster Carp - Netflix

Series in which carp fishing fanatic Ali Hamidi seeks out giant carp across the world in the ultimate angling adventure. Each episode he is joined by two guest anglers to help him in his quest.

Monster Carp - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-07-05

Monster Carp - St. Augustine Monster - Netflix

The St. Augustine Monster is the name given to a large carcass, originally postulated to be the remains of a gigantic octopus, that washed ashore on the United States coast near St. Augustine, Florida, in 1896. It is sometimes referred to as the Florida Monster or the St. Augustine Giant Octopus and is one of the earliest recorded examples of a globster. The species that the carcass supposedly represented has been assigned the binomial names Octopus giganteus (Latin for “giant octopus”) and Otoctopus giganteus (Greek prefix: oton = “ear”; “giant-eared octopus”), although these are not valid under the rules of the ICZN. A 1995 analysis concluded that the St. Augustine Monster was a large mass of the collagenous matrix of whale blubber, likely from a sperm whale.

Monster Carp - 1971 analysis - Netflix

It seemed I had found a means to identify the mystery sample after all. I could distinguish between octopus and squid, and between them and mammals, which display a lacy network of connective tissue fibers.

He learned that a sample of the integument was preserved in the Smithsonian Institution, and persuaded the curators to send a portion of the sample to his colleague, Dr. Joseph F. Gennaro Jr., a cell biologist at the University of Florida. Gennaro compared the connective tissue of the St. Augustine carcass to control specimens from known octopus and squid species. He published his findings in the March 1971 issue of Natural History:

Monster Carp - References - Netflix