Make Me an Egghead - Netflix

Hosted by Jeremy Vine, Make Me an Egghead is a nationwide search to find two contestants (one male and one female) who are knowledgeable enough to join the Eggheads, the UK's most fearsome quiz team.

In Make Me an Egghead, each contestant is asked up to three multiple-choice questions on subjects such as sport, film and TV, music, food and drink, arts and books, politics, history, geography or science.

The winner of each round gets to choose an Egghead to assist them in the final general knowledge round. The more rounds a player wins, the more Eggheads they have to call upon for assistance in the final round.

Make Me an Egghead - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-08-22

Make Me an Egghead - Pat Gibson - Netflix

Patrick Gibson (born 19 July 1961) is an Irish quizzer. On 24 April 2004 he became the fourth contestant to win the £1m jackpot on the quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. He is a multiple world champion in quizzing and one of the world's most successful quiz players. He is best known for winning several quiz shows and being a panellist on Eggheads. He was born and educated in Ireland but has lived in the United Kingdom for many years and competes as part of the England quiz team. Gibson is currently the No. 2 (as of 3 September 2017) ranked quizzer in the world, behind Kevin Ashman. He claimed the top ranking in 2012 and 2015.

Make Me an Egghead - Eggheads and Are You an Egghead? - Netflix

Gibson competed in both the first and second series of Are You an Egghead?, a series seeking a new panellist to join the resident team on the BBC Two / 12 Yard quiz show Eggheads. In the first series, he was beaten in the quarter finals by Mark Kerr. He returned for the second series in 2009, and won the final broadcast on 23 November 2009, beating fellow Mastermind and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? winner David Edwards and thereby claiming a place on the Eggheads team.

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