Keith Morrison Investigates - Netflix

Keith Morrison Investigates is a series of Documentary specials revolving around terrible crimes of the past.

Keith Morrison Investigates - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-03-05

Keith Morrison Investigates - Mamie Thurman - Netflix

Mamie Thurman (1900–1932) was an American woman whose slain body was found and recovered on 22 Mine Road near Holden, West Virginia on June 22, 1932. The site is about 7 miles from Logan, West Virginia.

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According to medical authorities at the time, Mamie Thurman's death resulted from her throat being slashed from ear to ear, after which she was shot twice in the left side of the head. The body was found in a patch of blackberries by a local boy, who then called the authorities. Found alongside the body were one shoe, a diamond engagement ring, and a silver wedding band, which ruled out robbery as the motive for her death. The other shoe and her purse, which contained $9 in change, cigarettes, and a wristwatch, were found 30 feet away the next day. Mortician would later uncover bloody rags and a razor in the home of her landlord Harry Robertson (the same house co-defendant Charles Stephenson lived in as the Robertsons' handyman). The manner and brutality of her murder was a shock to the citizens of the small, quiet towns in southern West Virginia. The arrest and eventual conviction of a handyman raised many questions in Logan, as the investigation involved several prominent citizens. The trial was standing room only, and many spectators brought their own chairs and basket lunches to court.

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