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With a documentary film crew recording his every move, Keith Lemon: Coming in America will chart Keith's journey as he attempts to realise his ultimate dream of hosting his own US chat show. After all, if James Corden can do it, why not Keith Lemon?

Taking some of his favourite sketch alter-egos along for the ride including The Urban Fox, The Big Fat Gypsy Kardashians and David Dickinson as well as introducing some brand new characters, Keith will do whatever it takes to become the next big thing in La-La land.

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: None

Keith Lemon: Coming in America - List of Celebrity Juice games - Netflix

The following is a list of rounds that have appeared in various series' of the ITV2 television game show Celebrity Juice throughout its 18 seasons within a nine-year run. The show is presented by Keith Lemon, with regular team captains Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton.

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G'Day Down Under: Usually played in the presence of Peter Andre, the panelists are turned upside down inside a mock studio set and have to attempt to create a form of foodstuff such as a burger or pizza whilst upside down. The winner is the person who collects the most amount of ingredients required. 1 point is awarded to the winner.

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