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What happens when cartoons and comics collide? "KABLAM!!!" Avoid painful papercuts! Say goodbye to agonizing staple wounds! This is Kablam! the most fantastic development in comic book history -- a comic book TV show where Henry and June, two tireless cartoon kids, turn the pages for you! Each episode is jam-packed with alternative animation and breaks all the rules of kids' cartoons.

Kablam! - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1996-10-07

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KaBlam! (stylized as KaBLaM!) is an American sketch comedy television series that ran on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2000. The series was created by Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb, and Chris Viscardi. The show was developed as a fully animated showcase for alternative forms of animation that were more common in indie films and commercials. Each episode thus features a collection of short films in multiple innovative styles of animation, bridged by the characters Henry and June, who introduce the shorts and have adventures of their own in between. Although SNICK aired many Nicktoons not part of its block, KaBlam! was the only Nicktoon created for SNICK. The show became TV-Y in 1997 (when the American content ratings were put to use), until later that year when the rating was changed to TV-Y7. KaBlam! was a critical and commercial success and earned a cult following.

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Surprising Shorts — The only short segment not to have recurring characters, these shorts usually had nothing to do with any previous shorts included on the show. Examples of these shorts are the Lava! series (originally titled in France as Guano!) (which were cut out of international airings for copyright issues by Vivendi, as they own Canal+, which co-produced the shorts), Garbage Boy, Emmett Freedy, and Stewy the Dog Boy, which the idea later became Disney's Teacher's Pet. This segment was usually introduced by June pulling down Henry's pants, revealing his unflattering and garishly colored boxer shorts, hence the name. Angela Anaconda — A cutout-photo cartoon that was later spun off into its own series on the Fox Family Channel and was briefly rerun on Nickelodeon as well as Starz Kids and Family, in the United States. This series is about a girl named Angela, who is a social outcast. She finds herself unpopular in school and always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nanette, a faux-French girl who everyone loves and wants to be, always mocks Angela. During each episode, a poem-like story is narrated by Angela. She often gets her revenge on the antagonist of that particular episode, and more often imagines her revenge on said antagonist in a highly exaggerated manner. Due to copyrights being held with Fox, the episodes featuring her shorts were not allowed to air on NickToon. Some people believe this is the reason why any season/series DVD can't become a reality. JetCat — A segment about a girl who has an identity as a cat superhero and flies around and saves her city. She says she “flies like a jet and fights like a cat.” This is the only short that takes place outside of the comic book. It was featured as a comic in Nickelodeon Magazine for a short time. The music was composed by Rocko's Modern Life composer Pat Irwin. Created by Jay Stephens. Race Rabbit — A live-action show about a romantic rabbit racer with an English accent who competes in races but there is usually trouble along the way caused by the Boolies (Zit and Winston), who are his human enemies. Race always wins the race, foiling the Boolies' plans along the way. The only KaBlam! short created in the United Kingdom. Created by Scott Fellows The Adventures of PatchHead — A live-action/computer-generated segment about a barefoot kid with a watermelon for a hat and has a Southern Accent, stopping cheaters from winning competitions. The Brothers Tiki — A puppetry/stop-motion/live-action segment about two extraterrestrials resembling mini tiki statues (equivalent to lawn gnomes), who land on Earth in a ship bearing a striking resemblance to a barbecue grill. Fuzzball — A non-recurring cartoon about a tomboy who tries to re-win her dad's trophy, which she broke. Created by Kevin Dougherty. The Louie and Louie Show — A short that appears only once on the show. Two neglected pets (a hamster and a chameleon), both named Louie, try to get some attention from their owners, who are all too busy playing with the family dog. This short was animated by Gary Baseman and directed by Tom McGrath. An early version, produced by Curious Pictures, also aired on Nickelodeon once by itself before KaBlam! premiered. The only KaBlam! short to have a “Nickelodeon presents” logo at the beginning. Louie the chameleon is voiced by James Belushi, and Louie the hamster is voiced by Billy West. Little Freaks — Another one-time cartoon. Three freaky superheroes try to stop a villain from controlling the world's fashion trends. When it aired on Nicktoons by itself, the “KaBlam! Presents” at the beginning was absent. Anemia and Iodine — One-time short. A cartoon displaying the misadventures of a Goth girl cat and her skateboarding, hyperactive best friend. It was directed by Robert Scull, most noted for his earlier work on Rocko's Modern Life, and shares visual similarities to that show as a result. The Shizzagee — One-off short about the only existing creature of its kind who resembles a coyote and lives with his owner named Brutus. It is the only CGI animated short to air on KaBlam!. There were also various They Might Be Giants music videos for the songs “Why Does the Sun Shine?” and “Doctor Worm”. In addition, there was a music video of “Hockey Monkey”, created by James Kochalka and performed by The Zambonis. These were a mixture of live-action by Jesse Gordon and different animation styles, all produced and directed at The Ink Tank.

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