It's Not Rocket Science - Netflix

It's Not Rocket Science is ITV's brand-new, fast-paced entertainment show that celebrates gadgets, technology, innovation and the under appreciated scientific world around us.

Every show our presenting trio of Romesh Ranganathan, Rachel Riley and Ben Miller will bring science to the masses using humorous experiments, large-scale stunts and engaging emotional stories.

Could your daily sugar intake really fire a rocket over 1000m? Can cutting-edge robotic exoskeletons enable paralysed children to walk? Is your household hoover powerful enough to lift up a person?

No matter the topic, this is a fast-paced and accessible show with broad appeal that charms the audience into realising that the latest Science and Tech innovations are woven into their everyday lives.

It's Not Rocket Science - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-02-16

It's Not Rocket Science - Rocket science in finance - Netflix

“Rocket science” in finance is a metaphor for activity carried out by specialised quantitative staff to provide detailed output from mathematical modeling and computational simulations to support investment decisions. Their work depends on use of complex mathematical models implemented in sophisticated IT environments. For instance, a firm that invests its money in funds of investment is thought to have a result that depends on a mix of scientific questions and hazards. Different decisions in how to divide the financial resources into the funds lead to different sets of probabilities of return. Advising the investor about the consequences of each possible decision in the risk-return context is one of the typical roles of a rocket scientist.

It's Not Rocket Science - Skills - Netflix

The skills required of a financial rocket scientist are broadly based. These include knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics, pure mathematics, statistics, information technologies and financial market practice. The microeconomics knowledge is necessary because the firm itself is an entity subject to microeconomics laws. Macroeconomics are needed to evaluate the response of groups of entities to a wide range of external factors and influences. Pure mathematics and statistics are required to solve the problems arising from questions submitted to the tech workers. Finally, financial market practice is needed to determine the possible decisions built into the financial models. Also, skill with Information Technology is required to prepare effective data-entry into complex computer systems. Some concepts and tools found in this area are the Pareto optimum, the Value at Risk, and the Monte Carlo simulation.

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