Il était une fois... l'espace - Netflix

"L'Espace" is 2nd part of French popular animated series "Il était une fois...". This part is about the space in a future where our friends goes from one adventure to another, from one planet to another and answers questions about prehistory, ecology, new energy resources, etc.. At the end of this series our friends is going to solve the war between two nations...

Il était une fois... l'espace - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 1982-10-09

Il était une fois... l'espace - Once Upon a Time... Space - Netflix

Il était une fois… l'Espace (Once Upon a Time… Space) is a French/Japanese animated science fiction TV series from 1982, directed by Albert Barillé. The series was animated in Japan by the animation studio Eiken, and is thus considered to be anime as it also aired on Japanese TV, albeit not until 1984, under the title Ginga Patrol PJ (銀河パトロールPJ, Galaxy Patrol PJ). In contrast to the show's success in the West, the series' Japanese broadcast was consigned to an early-morning time slot and attracted little attention.

Il était une fois... l'espace - Spacecraft - Netflix

The French illustrator Philippe Bouchet (better known as Manchu) worked on some of the spacecraft and set designs. Omega Confederation: Flea Hummingbird Spider Dragonfly Blue bird Omega Cruiser Omega Shuttle Cosmopolitan Cassiopeia: Nautilus Murene Battle cruiser Earth: Ursus

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