I Heart Vampires - Netflix

The two best friends, Corbin and Luci, are excited. They receive the first six chapters of their favourite vampire book Confessions of a High School Vampire. Corbin wants to share it with the other fans and publishes it on her blog. The author of the book isn't pleased and announces that she will not publish the book anymore. Corbin and Luci are shocked. They want to convince the author to release the book, but at first they have to find her. During their journey they suddenly realise that vampires exist and that the stories in the book aren't are more real than they thought.

I Heart Vampires - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2009-03-19

I Heart Vampires - Iā€¦Vampire - Netflix

I...Vampire (also entitled as I, Vampire) is a comic book series from DC Comics created by writer J. M. DeMatteis and artist Tom Sutton about a fictional character named Andrew Bennett. The character and storyline originally started as a backup story in House of Mystery between 1981 and 1983, but was popular enough to become the main feature. The I...Vampire finale was almost book length.

I Heart Vampires - The New 52 - Netflix

The title was relaunched as part of DC Comics September 2011 company-wide title relaunch, The New 52. The initial creative team is Joshua Hale Fialkov writing and Andrea Sorrentino as penciller. The first issue was very well received critically, and was the 78th best selling comic in September 2011 by units. In this version, Andrew Bennett is an older vampire (approximately 600 years old) but has the physical appearance of a man in his twenties. His former lover, Mary, Queen of Blood, gathers an army of vampires to take over the world. Wounded, trying to stop her, Andrew seeks out help from his old ally Professor John Troughton. They are soon joined by a young vampire hunter Tig, whose father had been turned into a vampire. Traveling to Gotham City they, along with Batman, confront Mary's horde. However, Tig kills Andrew and unwittingly releases Cain, the original vampire, from extradimensional captivity. Cain takes command of the horde of vampires from Mary and begins absorbing magic. Tig, Troughton, Batman, and the Justice League Dark are almost overwhelmed by the vampires when Madame Xanadu manages to resurrect Andrew Bennett, who proceeds to kill Cain and claim leadership of the vampire horde for himself, promising a new era free from conflict with humans. The series ended in April 2013 with issue #19. Fialkov was told about the cancellation when he finished the script for issue 15, and is satisfied with the conclusion to the series.

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