I (Almost) Got Away with It - Netflix

Murders, drug dealers, bank robbers or jail escapees. The stories are different, but the motive is always the same: to stay out of prison. See what pushed these fugitives to their crimes, how they changed their identities, evaded the law and - almost - got away with it.

I (Almost) Got Away with It - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-01-12

I (Almost) Got Away with It - Kenneth Raulerson - Netflix

Kenneth Scott Raulerson, also known as Speedy, is a bank robber from Levy County, Florida convicted of robbing the Dowling Park Barnett/Nations Bank May 18, 1998, by claiming that he had a bomb strapped to his chest. After the robbery, he escaped arrest and fled to Alaska, where he worked on crab boats. After six months, he returned to the backwoods of Florida, where he stayed in the woods for the next following years with authorities on his tail. After a nine-year search by police and detectives, he was finally fed up with having to deal with the law and walked into a setup.

I (Almost) Got Away with It - On the Discovery Channel - Netflix

Speedy's exploits were aired on an episode of the Discovery Channel's I (Almost) Got Away With It entitled “Got to Work on a Crab Boat”, with him and the men who arrested him detailing his escape from the law by hiding in the thick woods and his eventual arrest.

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