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The life of an outlaw biker is an untamed one, where the wide-open streets are home and your Harley-Davidson is soul. Among the big motorcycle gangs, the Mongols Motorcycle Club is a younger brigade but has managed to build a fearsome reputation since its inception by Vietnam Veterans in 1969. Former members tell their stories of initiation and the wild lifestyle. These clubs are labeled "outlaw" for a reason. Members give rare, behind-the-scenes access to investigations and infiltrations of the Mongols and its members' criminal rackets. See what life is like for an undercover agent posing as a hell-bent biker. Outlaws are revered in American history. Saddle up on your steel horse and blast down the highway into the world of the Mongols. From backyard brawls in Silicon Valley to kung fu battles in the backstreets of the Bronx, investigate the codes and core values of America's underground fight clubs. What drives men to battle their fellow men in unrestricted hand-to-hand combat? Why are some fighting styles outlawed, forcing their proponents to operate in clandestine locations? And with the rise of no-rules Mixed Martial Arts, is America becoming addicted to violence? Experts explore the reasons and hidden desires behind fight club members' primal urges to do battle, and the see the heavy physical and emotional toll these often unsanctioned clashes can have.

Hidden in America - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-12-02

Hidden in America - Hidden in America - Netflix

Hidden in America is a 1996 American television film about poverty in the United States. The film is directed by Martin Bell and stars Beau Bridges, Bruce Davison, and Alice Krige. Bridges plays Bill Januson, a father struggling to support his family and whose pride and optimism prevent him from seeking help until it is too late. He was nominated for many awards including a Screen Actors Guild Award and an Emmy Award. The film aired on December 1, 1996 on Showtime and was released to DVD on February 8, 2005.

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