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Harley Quinn, based on the DC characters, focuses on Harley Quinn who has finally broken things off once and for all with the Joker and attempts to make it on her own as the criminal Queenpin of Gotham City. The series features Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and a whole cast of heroes and villains, old and new, from the DC Universe.

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: None

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Poison Ivy is a fictional supervillain, appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. Created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, the character made her first appearance in Batman #181 (June 1966). Poison Ivy is one of Batman's most enduring enemies and belongs to the collective of adversaries that make up Batman's rogues gallery. Poison Ivy's real name is Pamela Lillian Isley, a Gotham City botanist obsessed with plants, ecological extinction, and environmentalism. One of the world's most notorious eco-terrorists, she uses plant toxins and mind-controlling pheromones for her criminal activities, which are usually aimed at protecting endangered species and the natural environment. Poison Ivy has been portrayed as a love interest of Batman and has teamed up on occasion with fellow villains Catwoman and Harley Quinn, with Harley being her close friend, romantic interest, and recurring ally. Although Poison Ivy's look has evolved over the years, she typically wears a green one-piece outfit adorned with leaves and often has plant vines extending over her limbs. Poison Ivy was originally characterized as a supervillain, but as of the New 52 and DC Rebirth, she has periodically been depicted as an antiheroine, often doing the wrong things for the right reasons. The character was portrayed by Uma Thurman in Batman & Robin and Maggie Geha and Peyton List in Gotham. She has also been voiced by Diane Pershing in Batman: The Animated Series, Piera Coppola on The Batman animated series, Tasia Valenza for the Batman: Arkham video game franchise, and Riki Lindhome in The Lego Batman Movie.

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Poison Ivy appears in several series set in the DC animated universe, voiced by Diane Pershing: In Batman: The Animated Series, Poison Ivy first appears in “Pretty Poison”, in which she makes an assassination attempt on Harvey Dent as retribution for construction over the last habitat of a rare flower. In the earlier days, her metahuman characteristics (such as her immunity to toxins) were stated on many occasions, portraying her as a human with an extreme affinity for plants. She mentions in “House and Garden” where she ostensibly reforms that her hyper-immune system has left her unable to bear children. In The New Batman Adventures, Poison Ivy was aesthetically revamped to look more plant-like and her skin turning pale greenish-white. She also became more humorous and seductive in personality, coinciding with her genuinely friendly relationship with Harley Quinn. Her fanatical mindset regarding the despoiling of plants and the ecosphere was also greatly reduced. She supposedly dies in a shipwreck in the episode “Chemistry”. Although Poison Ivy doesn't appear in Batman Beyond, a stage actress playing her in the musical theater play The Legend of Batman is seen in the episode “Out of the Past”. Albeit the character doesn't physically appeared, when asked about Poison Ivy's fate, show's creator Paul Dini stated that Ivy moved to South America and took over the rain forest, being now part of the forest itself. Poison Ivy returns in Static Shock. In the episode “Hard As Nails”, she and Harley Quinn open a 'support and cure' website that would lure female metahumans to Gotham claiming that it's a clinic to cure metahumans. When Static pursues a classmate that calls herself Nails to Gotham, Static ended up running into Batman and ended up ambushed by Harley and Ivy. When it came to a heist upon a ship carrying gold, she and Harley double-cross Nails only for Static and Batman to save her. During the conflict, Static's powers couldn't work on Ivy's plants but weren't immune to Nails' claws. Ivy and Harley were defeated in the end. Poison Ivy had a co-starring role in the Gotham Girls webtoon, in which she joins forces with Harley Quinn and Catwoman. Poison Ivy is also seen in the Justice League animated series. In the episode “A Better World”, an alternate universe version appears only once in a lobotomized form. She is a prisoner at Arkham Asylum and she is also allowed to work as the prison's gardener. Show's creator Bruce Timm stated that he had turned down pitches for Poison Ivy episodes on Justice League so they could focus on new characters and storylines, only bringing back a minimal number of villains from previous shows.

Poison Ivy appears in the animated TV series The Batman, voiced by Piera Coppola. This incarnation is complete with a new origin and rose-like hairstyle and dress as well as stronger ties to Barbara Gordon. Pamela Isley is a high school student and environmental activist. Despite Jim Gordon's protests, as she was sentenced to a youth detention center repeatedly for delinquent acts during her protests, she is Barbara's best friend. She convinces Barbara to help her with “protests” which were actually scouting missions on polluting companies for her hired mercenary, the corporate saboteur Temblor (voiced by Jim Cummings). She uses a voice scrambler in order to recruit Temblor to carry out her missions of ecoterrorism. During one such mission, the plant mutagen “chlorogene” falls on her during a battle between Temblor and the Batman. She awakes in an ambulance afterward and manifests powers similar to her other incarnations, most notably psionic plant control, and an ability to exhale mind-controlling spores when she blows a kiss at her desired target. She swiftly turns her powers to furthering her ecoterrorist career, and takes the 'Poison Ivy' name before being stopped by Batman and Batgirl. In the fifth-season premiere, she is forced into helping Lex Luthor take control of Superman by using her mind-controlling spores and lacing them with Kryptonite dust. Poison Ivy appears in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, voiced by Jennifer Hale (in “Chill of the Night!”) and by Vanessa Marshall (in “The Mask of Matches Malone!”). Prior to her appearances in this show, she was mentioned in “Rise of the Blue Beetle!” in a conversation between Jaime Reyes and Paco. In “Chill of the Night!”, Poison Ivy appears among other villains in an auction for a supersonic weapon held by arms dealer Joe Chill. When Chill asks the villains for protection against Batman and admits a role in creating the Dark Knight, Poison Ivy and the others try to kill Chill, but Batman stops them. Poison Ivy later appears in the teaser of “The Mask of Matches Malone!”. She and her army of 'Flower Children' henchwomen kidnap Batman and she tries to seduce the Dark Knight into becoming her king. After Batman refuses, she orders her guards to feed Batman to a giant Venus Flytrap. Before the creature can consume Batman, Black Orchid (disguised as a henchwoman) comes to his rescue. Black Orchid frees Batman and the two both work together to defeat Poison Ivy. She also has a key role in the opening of “Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above the Earth”, in which she is present at Batman's roast. Poison Ivy later makes cameos in “Knights of Tomorrow”, “Joker: The Vile and the Villainous” and “Mitefall”. Poison Ivy appears in the Young Justice animated series, voiced by Alyssa Milano. This version is a member of the Injustice League. In the episode “Revelations”, Poison Ivy works with her teammates to create a massive plant creature that attacks various cities across the globe, with the intention of extorting a hefty ransom from the United Nations. Robin and Miss Martian successfully destroy the creature, and the Injustice League members are soon apprehended by the Justice League. Poison Ivy appears in Super Best Friends Forever. She is seen in the second animated short “Time Waits for No Girl”. Poison Ivy is portrayed as a member of the Legion of Doom in Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise, in which she was voiced by Clare Grant. Poison Ivy appears in the web series DC Super Hero Girls voiced by Tara Strong. She is a student at Super Hero High. Poison Ivy appears in the Teen Titans Go! animated series. She is seen in the episode “The Titans Show”. Poison Ivy appears in Justice League Action, voiced by Natasha Leggero. In the episode “Garden of Evil”, she takes Swamp Thing on a blind date to control into helping her overrun Gotham City with her monstrous plants that were affected by the serum that Harley Quinn throws on them. As Batman worked on an antidote, Superman and Firestorm work to fight Swamp Thing while Vixen fights Harley Quinn. During the fight at the location where Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing's wedding is, Superman and Firestorm fight both Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing until Batman arrives to dose Poison Ivy with a chemical that negates her abilities. After the monstrous plants are returned to normal, Batman prepares to take Poison Ivy back to Arkham Asylum. Poison Ivy will appear in an upcoming Harley Quinn animated series set to air on DC Universe

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