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Zhang Peng big heartthrob, he changes girls like gloves. One of the not so happy night the guy jumps into the pool, gets hit on the head. There would he an end, but the misery did not end there. Woke up Zhang Peng in the past, where, to his indignation, he is not perfect in all respects a young man, and Zhang Peng-Peng is the daughter of a senior Minister and wife of the crown Prince. Can Zhang Peng to come back or he will have to come to terms with a new life? Will he be able to survive in the Palace and live happily ever after? Will he be able to find love? Or is this just payback for his levity?

Go Princess Go - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 23 minutes

Premier: 2015-12-13

Go Princess Go - Go Princess Go - Netflix

Go Princess Go (Chinese: 太子妃升职记; pinyin: Tàizǐfēi Shēngzhí Jì) is a 2015 Chinese web series produced by LeTV and adapted from the novel of the same name by Xian Chen. The series stars Zhang Tianai, Sheng Yilun and Yu Menglong in the lead roles, and premiered in December 2015 with 35 episodes. The show incorporates various themes such as time travel, bisexuality and gender identity.

Go Princess Go - Synopsis - Netflix

A modern playboy who travels back in time 1,000 years and finds himself in the body of a royal princess. A straight man inside a woman’s body, he enjoys flirting with his husband’s concubines and touching their bodies with impunity. But after discovering his more feminine side, he truly falls in love with his husband. The show has 3 endings: besides the original, the series has two alternate endings. One of them filmed long after the ending of the original two.

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