Go Fish - Netflix

High school freshman Andy "Fish" Troutner hopes to join the cool crowd as he enters high school. But the lovestruck Fish's most difficult hurdle will be to catch the attention of the beautiful Jess Riley -- who barely knows he exists. Trying to establish their own footholds in the high school hierarchy are his friends, heavy-set Henry Krakowski and the blissfully oblivious Hazard. Also populating Fish's world: his eccentris parents; his older brother Pete, a recent college grad who has joined the teaching staff; oddball drama teacher Mr. Hopkins; and attractive English teacher Miss Eastwood.

Go Fish - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2001-06-19

Go Fish - Go Fish (TV series) - Netflix

Go Fish is an American television sitcom that aired on NBC from June 19 to July 3, 2001. The series was created by Adam Herz (a screenwriter for the American Pie film series), developed by Pam Brady (a consultant writer for South Park) and starred Kieran Culkin in his only regular role in a television series. A total of five episodes were produced, leaving one of those five unaired.

Go Fish - Premise - Netflix

Andy Troutner (nicknamed “Fish”) (Kieran Culkin) is beginning his first year of high school at Westlake High. Joining him are his two best friends Henry Krakowski (Kyle Sabihy), the so-called wise one of the group and Hazard (Taylor Handley), whose personality is defined by his name. His older brother Pete (Will Friedle) is a recent college graduate who gets a job at Fish's school. Rounding out the people in Fish's school are Ernie Hopkins (Andy Dick), their overdramatic drama teacher, Laura Eastwood (Kristin Lehman), their attractive English teacher and Jess Riley (Katherine Ellis), a beautiful girl that Fish has affections for. His home life consisted of his not so smart brain surgeon dad (Joe Flaherty) and his homemaker mother (Molly Cheek). Future stars Adam Brody and Joanna Garcia made guest appearances.

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