Girls on Top - Netflix

Four women who are nothing alike end up living together in a flat in England.

Girls on Top - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1985-10-23

Girls on Top - Girls on Top (2016 TV series) - Netflix

MTV Girls on Top is an Indian Hindi romantic television series, which first premiered on 7 March 2016, and is now broadcast on MTV India. The series is produced by BBC Worldwide Productions and is aired on Monday to Thursday nights. The series showcase about the issues that Indian women face in their country. The three girls in the show will try to deal with job issues, love issues and also domestic issues.

Girls on Top - Plot - Netflix

The show deals with the life of three girls Isha, Gia and Revati who live in Mumbai and about their daily life difficulties and challenges which the women of the country have to face and how they deal with those problems. Isha is a young TV producer, Gia works in Mumbai Masala and wants to do broadcast journalism, Revati is a DJ who wants to win the international DJ competition in Amsterdam.The three girls are from different parts of the country who come to Mumbai to pursue their respective careers. They live in an apartment with their parents allowing and giving them a chance to become independent. The show starts with an introduction of the girls. Isha is teased by one of the member of the production house that she sleeps with her boss for promotion and the member teases her and says that the cooking show they are hosting,the judge ratna sethi left the show and she rushes to get her back. She calls Gia and in front of her talks about how they came to know that she is leaving the show and she defended her(pretending) and said not to question her reputation.after hearing those words she came back to the show. Gia's boss told Gia that she has to get some breaking news about Bollywood actress shaIsha kapoor by the next morning or else she will lose her job.Gia goes to the music launch of her film in which the lead role is played by azhar khan. after the launch is over she hears both of conversing that azhar wants a breakup and all the lies they have hid from media.Gia records that conversation and her boss promoted her and told her to write the article about shaIsha.After the article is published with her name azhar calls her and thanks her and says he would like to have dinner with her. During dinner he jokes with her that he wants to sue her but later admits to be joking as it was only because of that article that ShaIsha had stopped chasing him.They both have a lot of fun at dinner. While Isha's boyfriend Sahir got imprisoned because he had beaten up a person during the concert who was abusing his song. She requests Revati and Gia to help her to take Sahir out but they both hate Sahir as they think he is a loser They both tell Isha to choose between them and Sahir and Isha chooses them but she secretly rescues Sahir and continues hiding her relationship from Revati and Gia. While Revati gets an offer to play DJ from a man in her daughter's wedding.They both meet in the cafe to discuss about the DJ and she sees the man staring at girl's legs and she gets angry and insults him and leaves. But some clients come to see their house and Isha's dad says that he wants to sell the house and Revati is forced to take that offer. In the wedding she becomes friends with the photographer Govinder and Govinder is a big fan of hers, he also asks her as to what to play that would impress people, stops her from getting drunk and helps the bride(Rushali) to run away with Revati. It seems that Govinder has already fallen in love with Revati. That night on which she helps the bride to run away,she returns home at 4am and Isha and Gia are very angry on her and on anger tells her that one day they will leave her as shekhar left her. The next day Gia apologizes to Revati and they both share an emotional hug.She takes the responsibility of finding a house and Guruvinder and his partner manish helps her and at last they find a house. While Gia's boss tells her to write some masala stories and azhar tells her that he can give her some scoops about her new article.He tells her to meet her at his house and she agrees. Isha records sahir singing secretly and gives the CD in the list of singers and hosts a singing reality show. Sahir is one of the finalists and sahir comes and hugs Isha in the meeting room and the production member sees it and he cancels sahir's name and Isha argues about it and the judges also say that they like sahir and he is selected for the show.While they are very happy about life guru informs Revati that the cheque had bounced and the landlord had rejected to give them the house. Revati borrows money from guru and sorts the problem out.In the club due to misunderstandings Sahir breaks up with Isha. Next Day Sahir decides to leave the show and due to it Isha gets punished by UC. Isha than promises him that she will get Sahir by tomorrow. Diana forces Gia to write scoops and then Gia was going to post a scoop of Azhar's birth but her heart does not allow her to do so she posts the scoop of Azhar hiring a female manager. Slowly things start working out between Gia and Azhar and soon Azhar falls in love with Gia and proposes to her. Gia faces a dilemma as to whether she should accept the proposal or no as she doesn't hate Azhar but also doesn't like Azhar's film world. In this process of discovering her feelings they get closer. On the other hand, Guru proposes to Revati and in turn gets a bad reaction. Revati gets really angry, mad and sad seeing this. But they also patch up later after Guru promises not to bring up that topic again. Things are also working out for Isha and Sahir. They are getting closer day by day and hopefully will patch up soon.

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