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As commanders from the great battles of WWII go head-to-head on the battlefield, they attempt to outwit and outfight each other with strategic moves in a game of skill, bluff and counterbluff. With the lives of thousands of men at risk, the generals' reputations hanging in the balance, the stakes are impossibly high and the pressure is on.

Generals at War - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: None

Generals at War - Grant, Lee, Sherman: Civil War Generals 2 - Netflix

Grant, Lee, Sherman: Civil War Generals 2 is a computer game published by Sierra On-Line in 1997. It is the sequel to Robert E. Lee: Civil War General.

Generals at War - Legacy - Netflix

After the completion of Civil War Generals 2, Grammont left Impressions Games and joined designer Charles Moylan at Big Time Software, where the two created the influential wargame Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord. Grammont and Moylan founded in the late 1990s to publish Combat Mission, its sequels and other wargames. A sequel to Civil War Generals 2, entitled Civil War Generals 3, was announced by Impressions and Sierra in January 1999. It was set for release in fall of that year, and was designed by Jeffrey Fiske of the original Civil War General and Steve Serafino of Lords of Magic. Civil War Generals 3 took place in the first year of the American Civil War, and would have tasked the player with establishing and maintaining a war economy. It was planned to feature empire-building and management game mechanics, played via a turn-based “simultaneous execution” gameplay structure. Combat would have taken place in real-time, although a simpler “quick battle” system was planned for novices. Victory could have been achieved through military, economic or other means. The game was announced alongside Pharaoh; at the time, Sierra's Jim Veevaert said that the two games would “be big hits for us this year.” In April 2000, Impressions announced that Civil War Generals 3 had been cancelled. According to James Fudge of Computer Games Strategy Plus, the main reason for the decision was low sales projections: the game was expected to sell “barely enough to cover development costs of the title.” Despite the game's cancellation, the Impressions team clarified that they were interested in developing more wargames in the future.

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