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The concept for Fishing & Adventure was developed by cousins Scott Parry and Michael (Mig) Rumney back in 2011 whilst fishing out from Raglan one day after work.

The boys' saw a gap in the market for a fresh new approach with the two of them at the helm. Being cousins (and at the time workmates), Scott and Mig had the natural banter that is synonymous with kiwi blokes all over the country and felt they had what it takes to bring an injection of youth and adventure to the fishing show scene.

An Idea is one thing but putting it into action is a whole new kettle of fish. The boys didn't know the first thing about putting together a television show but were determined to make it happen. After a lot of hard work, being told no multiple times and steep learning curves, Fishing & Adventure made it's debut 10 episode season on Prime TV in February 2013.

Since then the show has gone from strength to strength and Fishing & Adventure is now known as one of NZ's top fishing shows. Sky Sport NZ saw the show as a success and requested to take over the first play option from Prime and promote it as Sky Sports premier fishing show. F&A still screens on Prime TV on a weekend evening slot a couple of weeks after the Sky Sport screening.

Fishing & Adventure combines top class fishing with a down to earth grass roots attitude that resonates with viewers of all demographics. Although fishing is a major part of the show, the points of difference that F&A offers is what sets this show apart from the others. The younger, edgy style of the presenters fits in nicely with the antics and adrenalised adventure segments that are on offer throughout the series. The Challenge and Consequence segment is a good example of the boys' commitment to keeping the show fresh and exciting and they have now found the perfect balance between entertainment and education.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: None

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Mavulis Island is the northernmost of the Batanes Islands and the northernmost island in the Philippines. It is part of the province of Batanes. The island is uninhabited but it is frequently visited by local fishermen (mostly from Itbayat) for fishing adventures.

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