Far Away Love - Netflix

28-year-old Meng Chu Xia is known to be very optimistic and kind hearted who takes care of the son from her long lost sister. When Shen An returns to mainland China to start a new company, he bumps into Chu Xia. Chu Xia is struggling to raise her teenage nephew, while Shen An is engaged, but both do not expect to find love anymore at their age.

Far Away Love - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2016-03-01

Far Away Love - I Ran (So Far Away) - Netflix

“I Ran (So Far Away)”, also released as “I Ran”, is a song by English new wave band A Flock of Seagulls. It was released in 1982 as their third single and it was the second single from their self-titled debut album. It was the band's most successful single, topping the chart in Australia, and reaching numbers seven and nine in New Zealand and the United States respectively.

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“I Ran” has been covered by a number of artists: Tori Amos covered the song on her Original Sinsuality/Summer Of Sin Tour in Denver, during Piano Bar Time. Her version was released with the rest of the show in the 3rd CD of The Original Bootlegs. Bowling for Soup covered the song for the 2003 re-release of their album Drunk Enough to Dance and their “Punk Rock 101” single. Both the original and the punk cover are the theme song of the American DiC dubbed version of Saint Seiya, also known as Knights of the Zodiac. The cover is also featured in the film National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Freshman Year. Hidden in Plain View recorded the song on the covers compilation album Punk Goes 80's. Darude and Blake Lewis released a cover in 2008. Nickelback covered this song during several dates of their Dark Horse tour in 2010, with guitarist Ryan Peake singing lead vocals. The chorus for the song served as the basis for the chorus of the Lonely Island musical skit “Iran So Far”. Slim Thug's “I Run”, which appears on his 2009 album Boss of All Bosses, interpolates the song. In the 2016 film La La Land, the song is performed by an 80s covers band.

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