Doctor Mateo - Netflix

Doctor Mateo was a Spanish television comedy drama produced by Notro Films for Antena 3. It is an adaptation of the British series Doc Martin.

Doctor Mateo - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 80 minutes

Premier: 2009-02-22

Doctor Mateo - Doctor Mateo - Netflix

Doctor Mateo was a Spanish television comedy drama produced by Notro Films for Antena 3. It is an adaptation of the British series Doc Martin, created by Dominic Minghella.

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Mateo Sancristobal (Gonzalo de Castro) Mateo is a doctor who was living in New York City until he started suffering hemophobia. He has a very bad temperament and is always in a very bad mood. Although his apparently aggressive personality, he is a very naive man, in fact, he suffers from an evident Asperger syndrome. Mateo, after leaving the hospital where he was working in NY, arrives to a little village of the province of Asturias, in the north of Spain called San Martín del Sella, where he lived when he was a child. There he meets the people from that village and discovers that there is always something interesting happening. Adriana Pozuelo (Natalia Verbeke) Adriana is the teacher of the school of San Martin del Sella. She's a very good person with a sharp sense of justice and morality. She falls in love with Mateo but she doesn't know how to catch his attention. Elena (María Esteve) Helena is the baker of the village. She's the mother of a son whose father is Carol's husband with whom she had an affair. She's neurotic and hypocondriac and close friend of Adriana and Carol. Carol (Lulú Palomares) Carol is the owner of the publicly founded radio station of San Martín del Sella. She´s very interested in the life of the neighbours of the village and always tends to get involved in their life and problems, in fact, all the gossips of the village are broadcast in her radio shows. Carol is married with Mario, who is the father of Elena's son. she is friend of Adriana and Helena. Alfredo Escobar (Alex O'Dogherty) Alfredo is the policeman of the village. He is a simple minded and good hearted person. He falls in love very easily but he's very unsure of himself because of a sad ending affair he had before. He loves his work and his motto is: “The rules are the rules and they must be obeyed”. He fell in love with Helena and now he lives with her and with her son. Mario (Xavi Mira) Mario is the husband of Carol. He loves his wife and always looks after her. He sometimes gets scared with the strong personality and the gossiping of Carol. He worked in a bank, but now he's unemployed and decided to open a hairdressing salon (His ambition from her childhood). Ten years before he had an affair with Elena with whom he had a child, but he didn't know that. Aunt Juana (Rosario Pardo) Juana is the Aunt of Mateo. She has always lived all alone without anyone in her life. When Mateo arrived to San Martín, she helped him to get integrated with the neighbours. She is the best confident of her nephew and she doesn't need words to communicate with him, in fact she protects Mateo and loves him as if he was his son. She got married in a convenience marriage with a Nigerian sailor who is trying to help. Tom Pellegrini (Daniel Freire) Tom is the argentinian owner of the tavern of the village. He was singer of a Rock band called “Metro y los politanos”, but his career came to an end and now he lives in San Martin. He is a nostalgic of his music career and the pub is filled with the memories of the past success. Recently his son David came to live to the village. David Pellegrini (Elio Gonzalez) David is Tom's son. He lived in Madrid, but decided to live to San Martin del Sella to know about his past. His relationship with his father was really hard because he felt alone when their parents divorced, this fact made him a very mature person. Anyway, they start getting emotionally closer. Ana (Ángela Moreno) Ana works as a waitress in the tavern of the village. She's shy, very unsure of herself and a compulsive money saver, (To the point that her friends think that she's a banker). Although she's a very good person, she can get incredibly angry. Ana is in love with Riqui, with whom she wants to make a world tour. Riqui (Gonzalo Kindelan) Riqui is the waiter of tom's tavern. He works both in the tavern and as a sound assistant of Carol's radio station. He is a very good looking boy with whom all the girls of the village would love to have an affair. He falls in love with Ana but their relationship tends to be a bit turbulent.

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