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Divine Design is a Canadian interior design show which airs on W Network in Canada and HGTV in the United States. It is hosted by Candice Olson, one of Canada's top designers. In the show, Olson heads a team of artisans and skilled labourers that includes Paul Daly (carpenter), Lorne Hogan (carpenter), Chico Garcia (electrician), Edmond Joseph (seamster), Terry Edward Briceland (seamster), and Andrew Downward (painter). The half-hour show features Olson's step-by-step interior redesign of a client's living space mixed with campy comedy shorts before each commercial break.

At the start of each show, Candice meets the home owners and discusses the issues with the room. Next, Candice reveals her point of inspiration, illustrations and colour scheme to the audience. The room is cleared of all contents, then the walls are painted. Next, the lights are installed. The carpenter generally constructs at least one new custom piece in addition to helping to reset the room with all new furniture. Occasionally, Candice will use the room's existing furniture—if she does, she generally re-upholsters it. Then, the seamster hangs curtains and makes accent pillows. Finally, the room is accessorized. At the end of the show, the room is "revealed" to the homeowners. Usually before or after ads, small comedic skits are performed, such as one episode where she is seen swinging Tarzan style from lighting wiring (episode number unknown).

Throughout the program, Candice chooses a handful of specific pieces or techniques to highlight. She refers to her "elevations" and room illustrations to help guide viewers through her vision. Candice often dislikes matching furniture sets, which she calls "matchy, matchy." For example, she will often choose two very different looking nightstands for a bedroom. Candice prefers to use recessed lighting in almost all cases, using spotlights to highlight artwork or other focal points.

Divine Design - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2003-06-06

Divine Design - HGTV Star - Netflix

HGTV Star, named HGTV Design Star for the first seven seasons, is an American reality competition show airing on the cable television network HGTV. It premiered July 23, 2006, and has completed seven seasons. Clive Pearse served as host for Seasons 1-4. Vern Yip (Deserving Design), Genevieve Gorder (Dear Genevieve), and Sabrina Soto (The High/Low Project) currently serve as the show's three judges. Candice Olson (“Divine Design”, “Candice Tells All”) served as a judge for seasons 5 and 6; starting with season 7, a third rotating judge was brought in to fill the spot left by Olson. Previous judges include Cynthia Rowley, a designer of fashion and home accessories; Martha McCully, Executive Editor of InStyle magazine; and Mary Jo Wardle. The contestants compete for their own design show on HGTV, which follows the format of The Next Food Network Star on sister channel Food Network. Each week, the judges decide whom to eliminate; and, in Seasons 1-4, Clive Pearse would tell the contestant(s) who had been eliminated, “Your show has been cancelled...please exit the studio.” Each week, the remaining contestants participate in an interior design challenge such as designing a living space with a specific purpose (bedroom, livingroom, garage) or creating a space in an empty room, using unconventional items from a pet store, mechanics store, or a discount store. The designers are given a specified amount of time and cash to create their designs, sometimes working alone and sometimes in teams.

Divine Design - Season 7 - Netflix

This season features David Bromstad as host and mentor. It premiered May 29, 2012. Winner: Danielle Colding Location: Los Angeles, California Host: David Bromstad (Tanika Ray was originally announced as host) Judges: Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder Mentor: David Bromstad

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