Die Küchenchefs - Netflix

Chefs Martin Baudrexel, Mario Kotaska and Ralf Zacherl try in their new reality show to get ramshackle restaurants back on their feet. The trio have 48 hours to rescue crisis-hit restaurants. After a surprise visit included a test meal, they immediately go to work: The chefs give tips and tricks for a good restaurant, the menu is refreshed, a financial plan created and everything is turned upside down until the experts are satisfied - especially with the food. After the re-opening, four weeks later they pay another visit to examine whether the advice of the professionals has been heeded and is working for the restaurant.

Die Küchenchefs - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: German

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2009-10-25

Die Küchenchefs - My Blind Date with Life - Netflix

My Blind Date With Life (German: Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben) is a 2017 German biographical film directed by Marc Rothemund.

Die Küchenchefs - Cast - Netflix

Kostja Ullmann - Saliya Kahawatte Anna Maria Mühe - Laura Ludger Pistor - Lehrer Döngen Nilam Farooq - Sheela Herbert Forthuber - Herr Kolditz Kida Khodr Ramadan - Hamid Johann von Bülow - Kleinschmidt Jacob Matschenz - Max Uwe Preuss - Augenarzt Alexander Held - Fried Rainer Reiners - Deutschlehrer Michael A. Grimm - Küchenchef Krohn Samira El Ouassil - Jala Asgari

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