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Bill Cosby stars as Hilton Lucas, a former airline worker forced into early retirement after a mass layoff. Other characters in this CBS sitcom include Hilton's wife Ruth, his daughter Erica and family friends Griffin and Pauline.

Cosby - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1996-09-16

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Ennis William Cosby (April 15, 1969 – January 16, 1997) was the only son of American comedian Bill Cosby. On January 16, 1997, Cosby was murdered near Interstate 405 in Los Angeles, California. He was shot in the head by 18-year-old Mikhail Markhasev in a failed robbery attempt. Cosby's death resulted in significant media coverage, public outrage and an outpouring of support for the Cosby family. Seeking the $100,000 reward offered by the National Enquirer, an acquaintance of the shooter provided information that led to Markhasev's arrest in March 1997. Subsequently, Markhasev was tried and convicted of first-degree murder and attempted robbery on July 7, 1998, and was sentenced to life in prison the following month. Markhasev maintained his innocence until 2001, when he admitted to committing the murder and asked that appeals in his case stop.

Cosby - Early Life and Academics - Netflix

Ennis William Cosby was born April 15, 1969 to Camille Olivia (née Hanks) and William Henry Cosby, Jr. He was their third child and only son. Cosby had four sisters; Erika (born 1965), Erinn (born 1966), Ensa (April 8, 1973 – February 23, 2018), and Evin (born 1976). When Camille was due to give birth to Ennis, Cosby joked during a television special that, “It had better be a boy, you hear, Camille?” and Camille, off-screen, responded, “Right!” Ennis was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles and grew up in Southern California, Pennsylvania and New York City. He attended George School, a private boarding school outside Philadelphia, where he played football, basketball, lacrosse, and track and field. He suffered from undiagnosed dyslexia, which caused low grades and friction with his parents, one of whom had an honorary Ed.D degree. Theo Huxtable, Bill Cosby's TV son on The Cosby Show, was based on Ennis, and this was reflected in storylines with Theo struggling in school until he was diagnosed with dyslexia. It was also written into the script that Cosby's character, Cliff Huxtable, had been wrong in blaming Theo for his poor grades; this mirrored Cosby's real life, as he had felt guilty for thinking Ennis had struggled academically because of a character flaw. Ennis Cosby's dyslexia was diagnosed when he entered Morehouse College in Atlanta, where a friend encouraged him to be tested. After the diagnosis, he spent a summer semester undergoing intensive academic training at Landmark College, a private university in Putney, Vermont, established exclusively for students with learning disabilities. He then returned to Morehouse, where he made the dean's list when his grade point average jumped from 2.3 to more than 3.5. In his free time, he tutored students at elementary and high schools. He earned a bachelor's degree in 1992 from Morehouse, which he followed with a master's degree from Columbia University in New York in 1995. While at Columbia, he worked at Alfred E. Smith Elementary School and also tutored students struggling with learning disabilities. His friends recalled that he kept a low profile and did not want special treatment, and would just say that his father worked “in business” when asked why he had lived in three states. At the time of his death at 27, Cosby was working toward his doctorate in special education at Columbia University's Teachers College. He planned to set up a school for children with learning disabilities. He once wrote, “The happiest day of my life occurred when I found out I was dyslexic. I believe that life is finding solutions, and the worst feeling to me is confusion.” Ennis was recalled as friendly and outgoing, and he would greet people with, “Hello, friend,” a greeting that became his legacy. His parents had the phrase put on a sign near his grave, and several months after his death, his father released a jazz collection titled, Hello, Friend: To Ennis With Love.

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