Coastal Railways with Julie Walters - Netflix

Julie Walters travels the most beautiful and interesting stretches of coastal railway routes in the UK. In this series, Julie takes a magical mystery tour through dramatic landscapes while uncovering surprising historical secrets. From pristine Scottish shores to Cornish fishing villages, this is a journey of discovery - of how our coastal railway routes helped shape us as a nation and the stories of the people who brought them to life.

Coastal Railways with Julie Walters - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-11-26

Coastal Railways with Julie Walters - Armchair Detectives (TV series) - Netflix

Armchair Detectives is a British gameshow whodunnit series that debuted in 2017. The show was commissioned for BBC One Daytime and is produced by Tiger Aspect Productions (a label of Endemol Shine UK). Hosted by Susan Calman, the series is produced by Carly Brooks and executive produced by Andy Brereton. The show follows in the footsteps of other successful shows in this popular genre, including Whodunnit? (1972–78), Cluedo (1990–93) and Sleuth 101 (2010). The series has also drawn comparisons with Midsomer Murders.

Coastal Railways with Julie Walters - Plot and gameplay - Netflix

Described as “immersive investigation”, the game encourages at-home viewers to play along with the in-studio detectives. Each episode features a story set in the fictional Scottish village of Mortcliff (taken from “mort” meaning death and “cliff” as in cliffhanger). The in-universe investigations are led by detectives DI Knight and DC Slater, and forensic expert Officer Simmons. A team of three “armchair detectives” have to try to solve the murder. While there is no physical interaction with suspects, players view footage of events such as the finding of the body and the victim's last known whereabouts. They are also able to view physical evidence such as forensics or photos. The successful player(s) win a golden magnifying glass. When characters in the story are introduced their names are offered as a caption, and information about the case is added to the in-universe detective's whiteboard in a character web. The host, Calman, does not know who the killer is and plays along with the contestants without advancing any of her own ideas, though she can guide contestants to think about certain points, and has accused her own suspect on a few occasions.

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