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Entrepreneurial brothers Carlos and Pedro, coupled with their car savant and best friend Niko, are in the business of re-glorifying the holy grails of American muscle cars. The trio hunt, restore, and sell these abandoned relics in a remote region of the Pacific Northwest, a hidden region for car-hunting gurus. The experts dig around remote locations for classic cars that have been left for dead, and are determined to find the most sought after hidden cars and make huge profits doing it on Carspotting.

Carspotting - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-07-31

Carspotting - Carlos Becerra (actor) - Netflix

Carlos Becerra (born July 12, 1991), is an American actor, producer and entrepreneur. Becerra debuted as the host of Discovery Channel TV series Carspotting.

Carspotting - Early life - Netflix

Carlos is the host of Carspotting and runs two businesses– Imports & Classics and Cascadia Customs. He is also the founder of Cascadia Car Club, a roadside assistance club. In an interview with the Bellingham Herald, Becerra said, “I’ve been a car guy my whole life … Whatcom County is full of old cars. You drive around the backroads and you see a lot of cars by barns or sitting in fields.” As a teenager, according to the outlet, Carlos worked in berry fields and sold from his own stand. After graduating high school, he started buying cars and shipping them out of state.

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