Block B – Unter Arrest - Netflix

Block B – Unter Arrest - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: German

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2015-03-12

Block B – Unter Arrest - The Spamhaus Project - Netflix

The Spamhaus Project is an international organisation, based in both London and Geneva, founded in 1998 by Steve Linford to track email spammers and spam-related activity. The name spamhaus, a pseudo-German expression, was coined by Linford to refer to an Internet service provider, or other firm, which spams or knowingly provides service to spammers.

Block B – Unter Arrest - Don't Route Or Peer list - Netflix

The Spamhaus Don't Route Or Peer (DROP) List is a text file delineating CIDR blocks that have been stolen or are otherwise “totally controlled by spammers or 100% spam hosting operations”. As a small subset of the SBL, it does not include address ranges registered to ISPs and sublet to spammers, but only those network blocks wholly used by spammers. It is intended to be incorporated in firewalls and routing equipment to drop all network traffic to and from the listed blocks. The DROP webpage FAQ states the data is free for all to download and use. In 2012 Spamhaus offered a BGP feed of the same DROP data.

Block B – Unter Arrest - References - Netflix