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It's the world's all-time best-selling book and has been read and studied by billions over the past 2,000 years. Yet, after all this time, there are still so many mysteries and unanswered questions about the Bible: Who wrote it? How old is it? And is it accurate? From the moral codes of the Old Testament to the apocalyptic predictions of the Book of Revelation, History's new series, Bible Secrets Revealed, seeks to answer those very questions. Over the course of six episodes, scholars, archaeologists and religious leaders will treat viewers to stunning, on-location photography and compelling reenactments while revealing hidden facts and shocking information about this ancient text.

Bible Secrets Revealed - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-11-13

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Bible Secrets Revealed - Z - Netflix

Zaanaim a., removings Zaanannim Zaavan, terror, Zabad, gift Zabbai, wanderer, pure pure Zabbud, given, gift Zabdi, Gift of Jehovah, my gift Zabdiel, gift of God Zaccai, pure Zacchaeus, pure; clean; just Zaccur, mindful Zachariah, remembered by Jehovah, remembered by the Lord Zacharias, the Lord has remembered, Greek form of Zechariah, Zacher, memento; recollection; commemoration Zadok, just righteous Zaham, fatness Zair, little, small Zalaph, wound Zalmon, shady, Zalmonah, shady, Zalmunna Zamzummims Zanoah, marsh Zaphnath-paaneah, revealer of a secret the man to whom secrets are revealed Zarah Zareathites Zared Zarephath Zaretan Zareth-shahar Zarhites Zartanah Zarthan Zatthu Zattu Zavan Zaza Zebadiah Zebah Zebaim Zebedee, my gift Zebina Zeboiim Zeboim Zebudah Zebul Zebulonite Zebulun, dwelling; habitation Zebulunites Zechariah Zedad Zedekiah Zeeb Zelah Zelek Zelophehad Zelotes Zelzah Zemaraim Zemarite Zemira Zenan Zenas Zephaniah Zephath Zephathah Zephi, variant spelling of Zepho. A son of Eliphaz, grandson of Esau and one of the “dukes” of Edom. Zepho, variant spelling of Zephi. A son of Eliphaz, grandson of Esau and one of the “dukes” of Edom. Zephon Zephonites Zer Zerah Zerahiah Zered Zereda Zeredathah Zererath Zeresh Zereth Zeri Zeror Zeruah Zerubbabel Zeruiah Zetham Zethan Zethar Zia Ziba Zibeon Zibia Zibiah Zichri Ziddim Zidkijah Zidon Zidonians Zif Ziha Ziklag Zillah Zilpah Zilthai Zimmah Zimran Zimri Zin Zina Zion Zior Ziph Ziphah Ziphims Ziphion Ziphites Ziphron Zippor Zipporah Zithri Ziz Ziza Zizah Zoan Zoar Zoba Zobah Zobebah Zohar Zoheleth Zoheth Zophah Zophai Zophar Zophim Zorah Zorathites Zoreah Zorites Zorobabel Zuar Zuph Zur Zuriel Zurishaddai Zuzim

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