Beat the Boss - Netflix

Saira Khan presents as a team of three children go head-to-head with three top business people to create a new product for the children's market.

Beat the Boss - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2007-07-07

Beat the Boss - Ornstein and Smough - Netflix

Ornstein and Smough are a duo of boss characters from the action role-playing game Dark Souls. Independently known as Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough, they are fought together, and often regarded as the hardest boss in the game. Consisting of one of the Four Knights of Gwyn who formerly hunted dragons, and an executioner of superhuman size, they were assigned to protect the Lordvessel from intruders and function as the final boss of the Anor Londo level. The boss battle has received a great deal of notoriety for its difficulty and the unusual ways players have beaten it.

Beat the Boss - Characteristics - Netflix

Ornstein and Smough possess vastly different physical traits. Ornstein is slightly larger than human-sized, extremely fast and wields a spear, while Smough is several times taller than a human, wields a tremendous hammer, and walks slowly unless he is charging. Both of them wear golden armor which emphasizes their height - Ornstein's helmet is leonine with a hole in the mouth, while Smough's armor distorts his muscular body into an obese figure with a cherub-like face, although he sees out of the neck. Both of the characters are fought in a long, rectangular and empty cathedral, with parallel sets of pillars on either side. The player can either attempt to block Smough with the pillars while attacking Ornstein, or attack Smough while dodging Ornstein, a more difficult task when alone. If Ornstein is defeated first, Smough crushes him with his hammer, reflecting his disdain for not being inducted into the Knights of Gwyn due to his cruelty, and gains the power of lightning. If Smough is defeated first, Ornstein suddenly grows to immense size while retaining his former speed. When the second boss is defeated, the player can purchase the armor of that boss, and in Ornstein's case, obtains the Leo Ring. A boss identical to Ornstein appears in Dark Souls II, called the “Old Dragonslayer”, although this fight has been criticized as a “carbon copy” that lacked creativity. Ornstein's spear can be created in Dark Souls II, and his spear and armor can also be found in Dark Souls III as treasures.

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