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In Baconation, Nick Giordano is on a nationwide search for the best and most-creative bacon dishes in America. At Overtime Bacon Bar in Illinois, the Bacon-Stuffed Burger packs a mouth-watering combination of bacon and cheese into a juicy beef patty. The Partisan in Washington, D.C., elevates bacon to an art form with Braised Pork Belly Over Pickled Cabbage. Virginia's Bayou Bakery blends bacon and caramel corn into a perfectly sweet and savory snack called Porkorn. Later Nick heads to Chicago where Paddy Long's Beer and Bacon Pub makes a campfire classic even more delicious with Bacon S'mores.

Baconation - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-09-07

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A bacon sandwich (also known in parts of the United Kingdom and New Zealand as a bacon butty, bacon bap or bacon sarnie, in Ireland as a rasher sandwich and as a bacon sanger in Australia and parts of Scotland) is a sandwich of cooked back bacon between bread that is usually spread with butter, and may be seasoned with ketchup or brown sauce. It is generally served hot. In some establishments the sandwich will be made from bread toasted on only one side, while other establishments serve it on the same roll as is used for hamburgers. Bacon sandwiches are an all-day favourite throughout the United Kingdom. Its prominence in British culture is such that in a UK poll it was ranked the number one thing people love about Britain. They are often served in greasy spoons, and are anecdotally recommended as a hangover cure. The BLT is a popular variant of the bacon sandwich with the additional ingredients of lettuce and tomato, but served cold.

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