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Australia's Deadly Monsters are supremely adapted to life within the great southern continent's varied and often hostile environments. The series takes us on a journey through monsoonal floodplains, parched desert dunes, and lofty highlands as we explore the unique lives, habitats, and hierarchies of some of Australia's monstrous creatures.

Australia's Deadly Monsters - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-04-28

Australia's Deadly Monsters - Monster Blood Tattoo Series - Netflix

Monster Blood Tattoo is a children's/young adult's high fantasy trilogy written by Australian author D. M. Cornish. It tells the story of Rossamünd, a boy unfortunately christened with a girl's name, who has lived his entire life in a foundlingery (kind of an orphanage) before he is chosen to become a lamplighter in a far away city. The book's action takes place entirely on the Half-Continent, a Dickensian world run by arcane science and alchemy, and plagued with deadly (and not-so-deadly) monsters. The books are notable for the extraordinary amount of constructed language which pervades the entire narrative; an extensive glossary of terms is provided, as an in-universe document “The Explicarium”.

Australia's Deadly Monsters - Setting - Netflix

The Half-Continent is the book's setting, a huge expanse of land bordered by ocean on its south and east sides. The continent, despite being thousands of miles across, is just one part of a larger world named Harthe Alle. The map of the Half-Continent labels other lands across the ocean. The events of the book take place in only a (relatively) tiny section of the Half-Continent, and it is a testament to Cornish's worldbuilding, as well as the substantial appendices at the end of each book, that many other places are named or alluded to within the story. The world of the Half-Continent is based around 18-19th century European culture, bearing some Gormenghastian traits as well as German influences. Much of the terminology and the names of the bickering city-states that constitute the Empire are drawn from the Holy Roman Empire. The key difference is the presence of a fantastic element. While there is no mention of magic, many characters exhibit magic-like powers that are attributed to science and alchemy. Also, there is the obvious existence of monsters - some natural, which differ from animals only through having sentience, and some man-made which are much more twisted and otherworldly than the natural kind. Technology as we know it has been replaced in Cornish's world with a sort of blend of mechanical and biological machinery. For example, many boats and ships are driven not by oars or engines but by “gastrines”, living, mindless organs and organisms grown into the ship itself, which produce the kinetic energy required for the ship's propulsion, and must be “fed” nutrients and kept alive. Other examples include “Leers”, individuals whose sensory organs have been specially treated with various alchemical concoctions to allow them to sense monsters or when another person is lying.

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