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Alexander is a reptilian prince from another planet who lands on earth. He disguises himself as a human named Bong Sam and works as a teacher at a middle school.

Alien Sam - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-01-12

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Alien vs. Predator (also known as Aliens vs. Predator, abbreviated AVP and stylized as ΛVP) is a science fiction horror franchise created by comic book writers Randy Stradley and Chris Warner. The series is a crossover between the Alien and Predator franchises. The franchise, which depicts the two species as being in conflict with one another, includes feature films, comics, novels, and computer/video games. There were also two live-action films produced, both critically panned yet being relative box office successes, and the development of a third film has been rumored over several years.

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A novel series was produced based on the franchise. Aliens vs. Predator: Prey (1994) by Steve Perry Aliens vs. Predator: Hunter's Planet (1994) by Dave Bischoff Aliens vs. Predator: War (1999) by S.D. Perry Alien vs. Predator: The Movie Novelization (2004) by Marc Cerasini The Complete Alien vs. Predator Omnibus – collects Prey, Hunter's Planet and War (Titan Books, November 2016, ISBN 1-78565-199-4)

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