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Alien Abductions: True Confessions features the intriguing stories of women who have experienced alien encounters. Featuring personal interviews with dramatic recreations, each woman tells her story of these bizarre events. After undergoing hynopsis-regression therapy sessions, they reveal even more explicit details from physical examinations to being on a spacecraft. With details so vivid, how can they be anything other than real memories?

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2008-01-05

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Kendra on Top is an American reality television series on WE tv that debuted June 5, 2012. The series follows the day-to-day life of former Playboy model and The Girls Next Door reality television personality Kendra Baskett as she balances motherhood and her business ventures. Season 2 chronicles Wilkinson as she prepares and participates as a celebrity contestant on Splash and stars on Celebrity Wife Swap. The series also documents the activities of her husband, Hank Baskett, as he works on his transition from NFL football player to businessman. Kendra's car accident that occurred in April 2013 is also included. WE tv renewed Kendra on Top for a fourth season which premiered on August 21, 2015. WE tv renewed Kendra on Top for a fifth season which premiered on April 1, 2016. WE tv have officially announced a renewal of the program for a sixth season airing on June 23, 2017. Season 7 premieres in June 2018.

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