Всё будет хорошо - Netflix

Всё будет хорошо - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2013-10-25

Всё будет хорошо - Stalingrad (2013 film) - Netflix

Stalingrad (Russian: Сталинград) is a 2013 Russian war film directed by Fedor Bondarchuk. It was the first Russian movie released in IMAX. The film was released in September 2013 in Volgograd (formerly “Stalingrad”) and October in Russia before its international release in subsequent months. The film was selected as the Russian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated. Stalingrad received the I3DS (International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society) Jury Award for Russia in 2014. The film is a love story set in November 1942 during the Battle of Stalingrad, three months into that six month conflagration that caused nearly 2,000,000 total casualties (wounded, killed, captured) for the two opponents, including tens of thousands of Russian civilians. The story follows soldiers from both sides as they fight to survive while saving the lives of their loves, and struggle with retaining their humanity in the face of certain death and the unspeakable horrors of war.

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Reception of the film was mixed. It was praised for stunning visuals, sound editing, music, and acting, but at the same time criticized for direction and melodramatic plot. According to Russian review aggregator Kritikanstvo.ru, its average critical score in Russian media is 63 out of 100. Such media as Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Vedomosti, Izvestia, Kommersant, and Expert were positive about the film. Several others, including Argumenty i Fakty, Ogoniok, and web publicist Dmitry Puchkov gave negative reviews. Some of the critics were disappointed by the film's plot on patriotic grounds: they felt it does not pay a tribute to the heroes of the Stalingrad battle, but rather concentrates too much on a love story. According to VTsIOM poll, Stalingrad was the most popular film of 2013 in Russia. 12% of respondents named it as “Film of the year”, which is far above 4% for the runner-up, sport drama Legend № 17. On American film aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 51% rating, with an average score of 5.6/10, based on reviews from 69 critics. The site's consensus states: “There's no arguing with its impressive production values, but Stalingrad should have devoted more attention to the screenplay and spent less on special effects-enhanced spectacle.” On another American aggregation website, Metacritic, the film has a 49/100 (citing “mixed or average reviews”), based on reviews from 23 critics.

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