Пропавшие без вести - Netflix

Пропавшие без вести - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 48 minutes

Premier: 2013-12-02

Пропавшие без вести - List of journalists killed in Russia - Netflix

The dangers to journalists in Russia have been well known since the early 1990s but concern over the number of unsolved killings soared after Anna Politkovskaya's murder in Moscow on 7 October 2006. While international monitors mentioned a dozen deaths, some sources within Russia talked of over two hundred fatalities. The evidence has since been examined and documented in two reports, published in Russian and English, by international organizations. These revealed a basic confusion in terminology that explained the seemingly enormous numerical discrepancy: statistics of premature death among journalists (from work accidents, crossfire incidents, and purely criminal or domestic cases of manslaughter) were repeatedly equated with the much smaller number of targeted (contract) killings or work-related murders. The Remembrance Day of Journalists Killed in the Line of Duty in Russia is observed on 15 December every year.

Пропавшие без вести - 2016 - Netflix

March 31 – Dmitry Tsilikin was stabbed to death in his flat in Saint Petersburg. Tsilikin wrote for many independent media outlets and mainly focused on social issues and human rights. The suspected killer is neo-nazi Sergey Kosyrev. The murder is attributed to Tsilikin's homosexual orientation.

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