Пёс - Netflix

Max once was the best detective in town. But now he is an alcoholic. Because of that Max lost his job at the police, and his wife left him for his best friend.\ Once his mentor texted him only one word: "Rose", Max finds him with the bullet in the chest and the wounded dog above his body.\ So, now Max has got vodka-craving, ex-job, ex-wife, ex-best-friend, self-willed dog and the mystery of the murder.\ Would Max become a good detective again?\ And who would be the best detective in town, Max or Dog?

Пёс - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2015-09-01

Пёс - Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat - Netflix

Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat (Russian: Дядя Фёдор, пёс и кот, lit. '“Uncle Fyodor, The Dog and The Cat”') is a children's novella written by Eduard Uspensky and first published in 1973. It is the first story in the series set in the fictional village of Milkville (Russian: Простоквашино, tr. Prostokvashino, IPA: [prəstɐˈkvaʂɨnə]; lit.“soured milk”) created by Uspensky. The series features a city boy named Fyodor, or Fedya for short, and his friends, the talking animals. The stories focus on their adventures in Prostokvashino and their relationships with its residents, including the irritable postman Pechkin. In 1993 it was translated from Russian by Michael Henry Heim with illustrations by Vladimir Shpitalnik.

Пёс - Pechkin the Postmaster - Netflix

Pechkin (Russian: Печкин) is described as a middle-aged man in a hat. He is the postman in Prostokvashino. He is extremely nosy and thinks that he has the right “to know everything” that is happening in the village. Pechkin is a comical character, who is always being outsmarted by the animals. He is voiced by Boris Novikov in Soyuzmultfilm's series.

Пёс - References - Netflix